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Sunday 19 October 2014

Rudding Park Wedding Photography

The 2nd of today's session with Katie & Chris at Rudding Park Hotel
Our very first visit to Rudding park so wasn't sure what to expect but defo can say it looked fab!!!

Met up with Katie & Chris as they showed me around Rudding Park, we also got a few Pre Wedding Images ( we always suggest a pre wedding shoot to calm those wedding nerves if you have any )
Our style of Photography is Creative - Fun & Upbeat so minimal boring images and always looking for new ideas.

Here are just a few images from today with Katie & Chris at Rudding Park

 Katie & Chris at Rudding Park


Walk this way

Chilling out

Come here and give me a KISS

Not too sure what the joke actually was???

Rudding Park

No Tongues please!!!!

This way to the church Chris!!!

Autumn VIBE

Quick Chris I don't think Kev is looking :-)

Katie & Chris

Cheryl Cole Lookalikey?


Sun Flare at Rudding Park


Wow that's a library!!! Very Colourful

Chris do you think if we hide down here Kev might go away!!! :-/


Library again


Creative - FUN - Upbeat Wedding Photography 
throughout Yorkshire & all UK Regions & Beyond


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