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Monday 6 October 2014

Rogerthorpe Manor Wedding Photography - Sarah & Michael

Our 7th wedding in September saw us rocking at Rogerthorpe Manor once again for Sarah & Michael's  awesome fun wedding

We started the day early at Sarah's mum's house just minutes away from Rogerthorpe Manor in Pontefract so not too far to travel once everybody was ready :-)

It was always nice to see Laurie from the fabulous Bijou Event Syling, Laurie had absolutely worked her little socks off, getting Rogerthorpe Manor all dressed in the early hours of Saturday morning before coming to Sarah's mums to get ready.

Laurie is one wedding supplier that we definitely recommend if you want to dress your WEDDING  venue, we also may be making an appearance in her shop soon :-) ( will keep you posted )

Lots of laughter was the order of the day with all the girls ( I was the only guy there )

The weather was totally awesome and we had some super fab moody skies ( wicked )

I really think some of the wedding guests were NOT expecting what they got in terms of the wedding photography, I think they were expecting somebody that was a bit more traditional and they were surprised to see us interacting with everybody and having soooo much FUN!

We had lots of positive comments from all the guests and the staff at Rogerthorpe Manor too, we have had quite a few weddings there recently.

Sarah & Michael live in Manchester but Michael is actually from Dalton, 
Huddersfield ( where I actually grew up myself )

Sarah's dress was from Pomfret Bridal Gowns in Pontefract, Sarah also chose to have a super long veil and I can only say that this absolutely added to the pictures and made them look even better ( hope we get more super long veils )

The wedding day was absolutely wicked and I really think we topped off September with a bang

Here are just a few images we have selected from the 1200 plus that are now online for the Bride & Groom to view

If YOU are looking for YOUR Wedding Photographer and like what you see? 

You also want to spend the day totally enjoying every single minute of YOUR Wedding Day, cracking out laughing at our crazy antics get in touch!!!


If you would prefer to stand in a line shouting the word CHEESE and looking totally bored, please don't get in touch!



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