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Wednesday 1 October 2014

Just a normal day at Imagination Photography

Today has been a first for us as we had little 1 week old Theo for his first photoshoot at home! 

He definitely behaved himself as he modelled his cool green hat for us and also chilled out for some shots on his very own pool table!!! Now how cool is that having your own pool table?

Here are a few shots of him chilling out at home

Today we also had a lovely comment from somebody on our facebook page although I did feel a bit sorry for her tbf :-/

She was enquiring to us about a 1 year old baby ' Cake Smash ' shoot

Below is part on the conversation we had, though I have kept her identity secret plus the company they chose to shoot their wedding

If the criteria YOU use when searching for YOUR wedding photography is get the cheapest out there then I can only hope everything goes as you plan?

We really value our work and also hope YOU will? What we can do for YOU on YOUR wedding day hopefully will last a lifetime, please don't leave it to chance, GET IN TOUCH

So far this week we have booked 3 weddings ( 2 for 2015 and 1 for 2016 ) , we also have another 2 meetings planned for this weekend so let's see how they go? If both of the couples decide to book us that will be 5 wedding bookings in 1 week!!! A total record for us!

Do YOU like what we do?
Are YOU looking for YOUR wedding photographer?

It really is all about YOU



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