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Tuesday 7 October 2014

Husband & Wife Anniversary ' SEXY ' Shoot

Well this Saturday we won't be rocking a wedding but we have a fab couple booked in for an anniversary gift to themselves at a fab hotel in Doncaster 
( where we recently were shooting a wedding I might add )

We are hooking up with a recently married couple to celebrate their wedding by getting some beautiful shots of themselves looking errr super sexy!!!

Boudoir? Dudewoir? Call it what you like but we are defo looking forward to it, on recently chatting with them they have said that they feel a lot more relaxed with us due to our fun nature. 

They have also booked a room for the night so I presume a few glasses of wine might be consumed to calm the nerves? :-/

Check out our BOUDOIR section of the web site if you are interested in doing something similar?


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