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Friday 25 July 2014

Wakefield Wedding Photographer - Kellie & Ryan

Last Sunday saw us at Rogerthorpe Manor for the 2nd of the weekend's FUN weddings with Kellie & Ryan.

Wow what an absolutely FAB day from start to finish, from all the banter with Nigel at the Crop Shop in Doncaster where all the girls were getting their hair & make up done till late into the eve when our crazy Photobooth stole the show!!!! ( who doesn't love dressing up )

Super hot weather and lots of smiles & laughter from everybody, we have encountered quite a few of the guests at Kellie & Ryan's wedding previously as we shoot weddings and get lots of ' word of mouth ' referrals so you are bound to hook up with some familiar faces now & again

To the crazy guest who we absolutely loved who kept shouting KEV KEV KEV thanks so much for making the day even more special!

Our style of Wedding Photography is ( we like to think ) 


We absolutely love banter with all the wedding guests and always join in the fun! :-)

If you are looking for a photographer that is more traditional and basically stands people in line and takes the picture that is really NOT us 
( though we do some family groups requested )

If you are looking for a photographer that interacts with your wedding guests, cracks a few jokes, absolutely loves banter, nibbles your buffet ( healthy options ), and basically enjoys the day as much as YOU!!! 

Then that will be us

We are IMAGINATION Photography, we shoot FUN weddings in all the Yorkshire regions and much further

To see what we can do for you please get in touch via our ever updated web site and blog 

Here are just a few images from what was a totally FAB day at Kellie & Ryan's wedding





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