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Friday 4 July 2014

Kellie & Ryan - Pre Wedding Photography

Met up with Kellie & Ryan today at Rogerthorpe Manor in Pontefract West Yorkshire

As we have shot a few weddings at Rogerthorpe Manor before we know the place quite well and it's always nice to return to familiar venues across the West Yorkshire area.

Ryan was defo a tad nervous about our shoot today but as the time went by he became a lot more at ease.

At the end of the day I am just a normal guy like you shooting YOUR wedding!!! 
I much prefer to be treated as a friend that will attend your wedding and basically capture the FULL day in our own ' Unique FUN Style '

We are known across the West Yorkshire area especially for our style of Wedding Photography

Lately we have also seen a massive increase in wedding enquiries, and we have a few meetings arranged to discuss wedding plans with fab sounding couples

We did notice the other day also that our google position for one of our chosen search terms 

' wedding photographer west yorkshire ' we are now at number 1!!! How cool is that? This does fluctuate though from time to time though :-/

We are based in a small village in Mirfield West Yorkshire

If YOU are thinking of booking us for YOUR wedding? Please get in touch to see what we can do for you? 

We are now seeing enquiries and bookings for 2016 
( we have 3 in the month of July 2016 already )

We may have a slight price increase at the end of 2014 but the price you pay is the price at the time of booking

Can we rock YOUR fab wedding? Get in touch!!!

Contact us via our web site - Click HERE

Text us on 07980 225 492

We are pretty friendly and here to answer YOUR questions

Anyway enough from me here are some images from todays Pre Wedding Shoot


Kev x


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