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Friday 18 July 2014

Monthly Newsletter - July 2014

We have just created our very own first ' Monthly Newsletter

Wahooooooooo I here you say?

This is something that has been on the TO DO list for quite some time now :-/

We are going to try to make a point of sending out a monthly ' Imagination Photography ' newsletter to anybody that would like to subscribe to what we have going on?

We would love for you to subscribe to us please click HERE to subscribe ( you can unsubscribe anytime but we would rather you didn't )

We are now finding that we are getting enquiries on a weekly basis for our

Creative - FUN - Upbeat Wedding Photography

Just yesterday we had a lovely email from a bride

The bit where she mentioned being jealous haha we were discussing our holidays on email

We are always available for a chat on mail, text or you can even speak to us we really are quite friendly & easy going :-)

If you would like to see our very first EVER newsletter? Go on you know you want to?

Well here you go…


K x


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