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Wednesday 15 May 2019

Gomersal Park Hotel Wedding Photography I Amy & Daniel

A few weeks ago we were back at Gomersal Park Hotel for Amy & Daniel's wedding day fun and celebrations.

I started early morning capturing all the getting ready vibes, make up and hair in one of the rooms upstairs whilst also keeping a look out for Daniel to arrive so I could get some shots of the guys trying to not look too nervous whilst they all headed to the bar area 😉

The weather was super sunny 🌞 so really a nice spring/summer vibe going on (just got to watch for dodgy shadows and squinty eyes and always looking for the best light, luckily I found some shade down at the bottom of the grounds later on for group shots)

The ceremony was upstairs in a room where the reception was to be held with lots of lovely natural light coming in through the big windows, after the ceremony and some meet and greet shots outside in the corridor whilst everyone grabbed a drink I encouraged them all down to the bottom of the gardens (as I knew this would be the best place due to the harsh sun and no clouds for family pics)

After having spent some time and getting as many family, couple, fun, B&G shots as possible or until we were due back in the room to enjoy the reception meal and to listen to the speeches (best mans speech was great)

When the reception had finished and so the hotel staff can turn the room around everyone was encouraged downstairs in the bar area or as it was such a nice evening outside on the patio type area, I also used this time as there was some super golden eve light to spend some time with Amy & Daniel amongst the grounds at Gomersal Park Hotel

In the eve Mrs Image-i-Nation bobbed over to help with our super wide Photobooth backdrop which we set up in the conservatory type area just opposite the room where they were having the evening reception (which worked really well as quite a few folk due to the warm weather were chilling outside and had to come through the conservatory to get to main room)

Below we have some randomly selected highlights from Amy & Daniels FUN Wedding at Gomersal Park Hotel


K x



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