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Tuesday 21 May 2019

Creative & Fun Wedding Photography I Amanda & Marc

You know in life when you meet people and you just hit it off? Well thats what happened when I met Amanda & Marc at their home in Doncaster as they had got in touch and wanted to discuss their upcoming wedding plans. I actually forgot what I was there for 😂 as we talked about everything and mostly the 80's (love the 80's)

After showing them a few bits and bobs we offer from albums to signing boards etc they decided they wanted me to be a part of their wedding day 😀

Well last Saturday their wedding day arrived and I started early at Wentbridge House getting shots of Amanda and the girls getting ready up in one of the gorgeous rooms overlooking the nicely cut and striped lawn.

Marc was also staying at Wentbridge so it was nice to find him hanging out trying to not look too nervous and get a few shots whilst Amanda got her dress on. I always love to catch the dress getting laced up too so bobbed back upstairs and I must say the whole getting ready process was so chilled and there was not one bit of running around like crazy trying to get everything done! #wellorganised

The ceremony was held inside the beautiful Chrystal Suite and there was lots of natural light streaming in through the huge patio doors which really does make it a lot easier as I am more of a natural light kinda guy!

After the ceremony I always encourage everyone onto the grounds and the weather was absolutely PERFECT! If I could order weather on a wedding day it would be this! No harsh sun, perfect temperature, loads of cloud etc

What was also really good Amanda & Marc had allowed enough time for pictures after asking me how long I recommend, I always would recommend 2 hours for photos, the time goes far too quick even then! The more time you give us and more you want to do the more shots you get 👊

I never like to jump straight into family shots so after so interaction and couple shots I set about trying to get as many groups, family and fun shots whilst really trying to keep it a more natural vibe with a fun twist! #welovethebanter

Speeches were after the reception meal and I had some time with Amanda & Marc in the eve light as the main room got turned around for the night guests!

Fab wedding, fab couple, fab friends and family! Can we do it all again?

Below we have some totally randomly selected images from Amanda & Marcs PREVIEWS HERE



K x



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