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Sunday 7 May 2017

Yorkshire Wedding Photographer I Engagement Shoot at Hardcastle Crags

Yesterday I met up with Carmen, Daniel, Isabella & Sophia for a pre wedding meeting/shoot to go through wedding info down at their lovely home in sunny Mirfield before we all jumped (got in) Carmen's car (Daniel "DOC" was driving, though he assured us he wouldn't get it over 88 mph as we didn't want to go back to the future) and tripped off to Hardcastle Crags in the heart of Hebden Bridge where we were assured of the most gorgeous backdrops and bluebells!!! #perfect. On route we chatted and even got some games of eye spy in with some dodgy words to guess from Doc Dan!!!

Carmen & Daniel really did make it so easy to capture lots of shots yesterday and they really do have the cutest 2 girls Isabella & Sophia (who suffered the tragedy of dipping her foot and getting a wet sock as you can see in the pics) though Carmen was super quick scooping Sophia up with her quick mummy reactions so no harm done! (apart from a damp sock)

As we walked over 2 miles around Hardcastle Crags chatting, laughing and generally being silly (like you do) I captured some really natural & fun shots in the time and really did have a fun afternoon with this lovely family, on the way back Carmen mentioned I was such a likeable kind of guy and that really did make my day so thanks for the kind words Carmen!

Our style of Engagement & Lifestyle shoots is FUN & NATURAL, minimal posing and not setting up loads of lighting which really can create a more formal atmosphere which we really don't favour! 

Check out some shots from our hook up on Saturday with an awesome family

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Look at all them lovely Bluebells


Eager to pose!

Lets dance guys

Come on Kev this way

Scream if you wanna go faster guys 



Sooooo funny

Anybody would have though it was chilly? It was a lovely warm afternoon really

Oh no we got a foot in the river!!! This was too much of an opportunity not to get the shot!

Sockgate! Ringing out the sock, note to self next time bring a some spares haha


Oh no there she goes again! 😂😂😂

Carmen won the arm wrestle #girlpower


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