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Sunday 21 May 2017

Event Photography in Wakefield I Community First Responders

No wedding yesterday but lots of fun with all the guys & girls for the Community First Responders awards eve at Space in Wakefield

We initially set up a black vinyl backdrop for some more formal shots as couples entered plus we had a mac and printer set up to offer 9 by 6 inch prints complete with stand mounts for sale at the event

Everybody defo looked like they had lots of fun and especially when we hooked up our super wide Photo Booth backdrop things got a bit crazy with our never ending supply of Photo Booth props, we also shot the awards that were given out to the lucky few but really all the these guys deserve massive recognition for what they do after listening to some of the stories and situations they sometimes are faced with every day

Below we have some highlights from last nights Photo Booth event at Space Wakefield plus a link to all the images used in this blog post HERE with lots of options for downloads, print purchase etc etc

Kev x


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