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Monday 13 February 2017

Yorkshire Wedding Photographer - Crab & Lobster Wedding Photography

Yesterday we had our very first wedding of 2017 at The Crab & Lobster in Asenby North Yorkshire with the fun loving Hannah & Lee. The weather could have been better but never one to let anything spoil the wedding fun & laughter (especially the weather as we really can't control this, how cool would it be if we could). I arrived at The Crab & Lobster around mid day to just see the make up lady arriving so I headed up to Crab Manor house just after her, getting a few scene setting shots on route dodging the wet stuff, tbf it could have been so much worse with the weather so a little bit of drizzle was ok if that's all we were getting.

As Hannah & Lee were both getting ready in Crab Manor I could flit between both rooms  capturing some getting ready shots with the girls plus checking in to Lee's room to see him in charge of the 3 kids (what a guy)

The ceremony was held in the conservatory area which is attached to the side of Crab Manor and really has a nice cosy feel to it with lots of memorabilia all around (theres not another wedding venue like this). After a quick chat with the registrar I just waited for Hannah to make her big entrance, Lee assured me he wasn't nervous at all, tbf when you are a surgeon (lee) I presume you do have to be super cool as I am sure you see all kinds of things. Hannah looked super gorgeous as she made her way down the aisle to a super cool Lee waiting for her (love getting this shot with great reactions from the guests).

After the ceremony and due to the rather wet weather everybody headed into the drawing room and I always like to let the wedding party have some time for kisses and cuddles before we jump into shots. I just used the front of Crab Manor (due to the drizzle and rather wet weather) so we got people outside when required, everybody was in great spirits and really did get involved so thanks to everybody for making the day so easy, lots of laughter & fun whilst we shoot group shots.

After some more formal shots and some shots of the gorgeous Bride & Groom we all headed down to The Crab & Lobster for the reception and to wait Hannah & Lee's big entrance ( massive shout out to Paul Lacey for being a total legend and running the wedding like a dream, all the staff super helpful so thanks, hope to be back soon)

The day carried on and we rocked the night away to some awesome 80's tunes, sorry for my dodgy dancing :-/

Below we have some highlights from Hannah & Lee's super fun wedding day at Crab & Lobster


K x

UPDATE - All images used in this blog post are available to view & print purchase  plus download HERE


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