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Monday 6 February 2017

Engagement Photography in Leeds - Rounday Park Photography

Yesterday (Sunday) at midday (what gorgeous weather was it) I hooked up with Ashleigh & Matthew at Rounday Park (popular for Pre Shoots lately) to go through wedding info and get some nice relaxed shots of them too so hopefully this makes them feel a lot better about the wedding photography on the day (we always recommend a pre shoot)

After a chat with Ashleigh & Matthew about any plans they might have for their special wedding day plus finding a little bit more about them like how they actually met when Ashleigh announced she sent Matthew a facebook friend request by accident! 😂😂😂 we headed off outside (it really was perfect weather for a pre shoot) and just chatted whilst I shot some relaxed, romantic & fun pictures just using one lens (and a camera of course) the fav Nikon 70-200 f2.8 (great lens for portraits as it enables you to shoot from a distance and really keeps the perspective looking great plus when you shoot wide open it allows you to really blur out the background so less distractions and a nice compressed bokeh background feel!

Ashleigh & Matthew really did make it easy yesterday and as the weather was on top form plus we were defo having so much fun I found myself with loads of great shots.

Ashleigh & Matthew won Radio Aire's Cash for Kids competition to raise the most money for charity out of 6 awesome couples that were shortlisted and we donated our photography services plus loads of other awesome (said awesome twice) companies donated their services too for such a good cause and Ashleigh & Matthew can have their perfect wedding day after all their hard work raising money with minimal expense (we know weddings can be costly) Well done guys! We know we are going to have an awesome time on the wedding day if yesterdays fun was anything to go by 👫😉

Below we have gone through all the images (shot 250) from yesterdays fun pre shoot and we have a collage of our fav below (I said below twice in one sentence) Thanks for taking the time to view this post and please check out our FACEBOOK PAGE HERE and click the shiny LIKE button and stay tuned with us for lots of awesome weddings etc.


Over the last month we have had over 30 plus enquiries on our facebook page for awesome fun weddings and we are running a competition to give 1 lucky couple our DIGITAL Package totally FREE in 2018. If YOU would like to be in with a chance of winning then please just get in touch HERE (you gotta be in it to win it so to speak) We have over 15 weddings already booked for 2018 so prime dates are becoming limited, just get in touch with your date and venue for a chat! 

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One of my personal favs guys! All natural light

Kinky Boots! Think there must have been something in Ashleigh's cola?

Coat on coat off, Kev got to walk around Rounday Park with Ashleigh's handbag on plus the coat dangling on the head( how strange did that look) Defo looks better with coat off

How cute are these 2! Couldn't stop smiling and messing about!

Nice little sequence using the stone pillars in front of The Mansion House, all shot hand held without moving my position, just directing from behind the lens

There's the kinky boots again!

Really don't think I asked Ashleigh to lick Matthew's ear! 😂

Trusting each other and looking totally gorgeous, really loved the choice of outfits guys!

What was the joke here?

Sexy Mama!

Chilling on the steps

Matthew if you behave yourself we will let you have a go on the train!

Ashleigh freestylin! And thats without me even asking!

Another cute sequence, posing ideas are given by us but we really don't like stiff and boring poses, just a few ideas where to place hands etc then let you guys do the rest, really love the perspective on this too!

Honest guys there's not hundreds of folk looking at you right now, Ashleigh goes in for some sexy time!

Matthew cracking up at god knows what prob thinking about his lifting technique!!!

Where there's a banister or railing we defo love doing this fun shot and got some great expression from Ashleigh too! Nobody got hurt in the making of this shot but Ashleigh did slide down a bit and I had to catch her at the bottom! 😜

Just some nice romantic posing ideas and lots of natural smiles, if theres one thing we really don't do its stiff, awkward poses and ask you to smile, how can you actually ask someone to smile and it feel natural?

The ' yeeeey ' we are loving the pre shoot with Kev shot

The bum grabbing shot!

Just having fun on a park bench

Tree huggers!

Ok Matthew we promised you could get on the train if you behaved yourself, now you have to get it to stop!!!

Matthew trying to out camp Kev? Who dear me dear gay dear no dear!

Check out that height from Matthew as we have had so much fun he celebrates bunny hopping (is that what you cal it) over the pole! Perhaps this should be a sport at the next Olympics?


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