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Monday 27 February 2017

Cannock Wedding Photographer - Fun Wedding Photography

The first of a double weekend wedding with the super smiley Lisa & Paul on Friday all the way down to Cannock near Birmingham. I set off just after 8am to the sounds of a brand new Spotify playlist of some banging Belgium Trance tunes to get me into the party mood, the journey wasn't too bad really and even through the roadworks on the way down there wasn't many hold ups through the 2 hour drive to The Barns Cannock though 👊

I arrived around 10.30am and the weather (after storm Doris (Doris Doris who the F is Doris) the day before) was absolutely perfect) always a bonus when you get great weather!

After some shots of The Barns and just chatting with a few of the staff and checking out the venue (as I had never been before) I headed up to find Lisa & the girls getting ready and make up was by the fab Helen Pearson. The room was a really good size for getting ready plus lots of natural light coming in through the double windows, which I am sure is a make up artists dream?

I really do love the build up of capturing all the getting ready shots plus as Paul was arriving later on it was great to nip down to get some shots of him with his cool looking best man & ushers. One of our fav shots was when Paul (the groom) was shown his button hole and it had a pic of his nan, he had no idea and he let out the odd tear, such emotion and to be part of these guys wedding after getting to know them and all the banter & laughter we had early on in the day I knew it was gonna be fun!

All the wedding guests (after arriving and chilling in the bar area) were ushered upstairs to the ceremony room, love the rustic feel of this room and the beams in the ceiling, really did look great in the pics. Lisa made her grand entrance and as she walked down to Paul (he might have let out another tear, weddings are super emotional) she looked absolutely gorgeous and her smile just really did light up her face. I was able to capture the ceremony without any restrictions really from the registrar which again is always a bonus 👰 I had a great position at the front and really did love the feel of this room!

After the ceremony everybody made their way back downstairs to the bar and its always nice before we jump into pics to just let folk say their congrats and shoot lots of kisses & hugs with the Bride & Groom!  #toptip for getting people to do as you want when it comes to group shots, just get the Bride & Groom to follow you outside and tell everybody to follow them (after all everybody is there to celebrate the Bride & Groom's wedding)

I started with a group shots plus some fun stuff, then as we had met up with the couple prior to the wedding we had a kind a list of some more formal shots they would like, the front of The Barns was ideal for this and just waiting for the good light between shots I was able to capture quite a bit #happyphotographer. All the friends & family really did make this wedding an EPIC day and one we will never forget, I set off home just after 9pm to the 2.5 hours drive home as we had another wedding the day after (Ashleigh & Matty's highlights coming soon)

Massive thanks again to Lisa & Paul for booking us for their wedding! We love you. #ifcarlsbergdidweddings #epicday 

Sorry for going on and here are Lisa & Paul's wedding highlights

P.s all the images used in this BLOG post are available to view HERE for download & print purchase, eagle eyed blog viewers will notice there is 267 images used in this blog post, this is just the highlights from 1800 images shot on the day, we always give the couple as many images as possible and you would expect over 1000 from your wedding day, unlike other wedding photographers we give YOU more choice, nobody has ever said to us they don't want as many images as possible!

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Creative & Fun Wedding Photography

The Barns Cannock

Lisa was pleased to see me :-)

Helen Pearson doing her thang! #gogirl

When you are just too excited to see your mummy getting married you have to jump up and down on the comfy bed!

Kev enough shoe shots ok!

That SMILE! Can't beat a nice brew between Champagne so as not to get too mortal

Quick Kev's not looking give us a snog

Quick Kev get a shot I've got my mums wedding shoes on, oh no she saw us :-/

Its hard work being cute, just gonna have a kip

Checking out the gorgeous Bride Lisa

Paul was errrrrr a bit excited!

Bad boys bad boys what ya gonna do when they come for you!

Such an emotional moment!

Im sure I've seen my mum pout like this?

Just checking myself in the mirror, oh yeah how cute do I look?

Gotta be checking the pits, cheers guys!

Wooop whoop lets do this!

Gorgeous expression from a beautiful Bride

Paul lets another tear out

Dad watches his Daughter get married, fab moment 

Just getting the ring on

Come here husband and give me a big fat kiss!

Paul gets excited again

Always great to switch the Bride & Groom round so we capture all the family & friends too

Mr & Mrs

You looking at me?


Come on mum heres your big confetti moment make it a good one!

Awesome Bridal party

Lisa I can't seem to get this Tractor started can you help?

Not sure what I said here, think I told Paul to not look too camp? Then that gave me an idea for the next shot

Gorgeous fun loving couple

Quick guys the road is clear for 2 seconds

Natural smiles and fun expression we love it, though Paul did try his best model pose :-)

Epic shot with Lisa's Dad & Sister, always looking for natural moments like this

Paul gets excited again

Getting a bit creative with the Phottix Odin 2's

Fav shot

B Boys breakdance


Party time


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