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Saturday 21 January 2017

Pre Wedding Shoot in Leeds - Engagement Photography

Included in all our wedding packages as standard is a pre shoot/meeting where we can go through wedding info, ideas and general wedding talk over a brew (and biccys) we also love hanging out with fun loving couples and getting some nice relaxed fun shots plus love love love lots of chat as we work to make you feel super relaxed (nobody likes having their picture taken right?)

Today we met up with the super gorgeous and smiley Lisa & Paul plus cute Ava Grace (who decided better safe than sorry and brought her ' Frozen ' umbrella though I think Paul took a liking to it!!! 😂😂😂

We had a chat over a brew inside the Mansion Cafe where I got to know these guys a little bit better as we had not met before and they booked us a while ago over the phone for their wedding. As I was showing them our awesome Loxley Album demo one of the members of the Mansion team was looking at it and there was lots of good noises coming from her and Lisa & Paul (not sure Ava Grace was too fussed tbf)

After a natter and getting some shots down and any plans they had we went outside where the light was defo fading and today was also one of the greyest days ever! #itsgrimupnorth we just milled around the top part near the mansion and below are the results, the iso was defo maxxed out #geektalk

Over the last few weeks we have had a ridiculous (well quite a lot) amount of enquiries for weddings, some we are already booked for, some we have booked and some wanting their wedding photography for a price that is unrealistic with the work we put in to the gear we use to the experience we bring to the back up etc etc

Our style of wedding photography is CREATIVE - FUN & UPBEAT. If you want lots of boring standing in a line shots then that really isn't what we do(though we always get formal shots as requested). 

If you want lots of FUN & CREATIVITY at your wedding plus a photographer thats going to get involved with all your wedding party to bring the best out of them thats thats us

If you are wanting to chat about availability for your wedding photographer we are always available and get in touch via the contact form of the web site HERE or for a better mobile experience HERE


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