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Saturday 7 January 2017

Crab & Lobster Engagement Photography - Fun Wedding Photographer Yorkshire

Our very first Pre Wedding shoot of 2017 earlier today at Crab & Lobster in Asenby North Yorkshire with Hannah, Lee & Joseph (the cute one)

On the way down the A1 to Crab & Lobster I was defo getting a bit excited as the sky was looking awesome with lots of detail and I knew it would look really good in the shots.
Soon as I arrived and after a few ' setting the scene ' shots I found Hannah & Lee with the cute one wandering around the grounds so we were straight into getting some shots in the bag (or on the memory card)

Lots of fun with these guys and little 2 year old Joseph was a star, I actually told him a little white lie that Peppa Pig lived at Crab & Lobster and in one of the pictures you can see him knocking on the door (how could I be so cruel) he was massive fan apparently so with kids you have to just do what you need to get the shots I suppose (no harm done)

After a little exploration in the fab Crab & Lobster grounds we went indoors to a lovely pot of tea and awesome chocolate biccys though Joseph was more interested in trying the sugar cubes 👀😂

Below we have some shots from earlier with the fun loving Hannah & Lee at the awesome wedding venue in Asenby Crab & Lobster

All the images used in this blog post are available to view HERE full size

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Crab & Lobster Asenby North Yorkshire

Looking for frogs?

Fun with Daddy

Cheeky smile

Hello is Peppa Pig in there :-/ Kev are you sure she lives here?


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