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Sunday 20 November 2016

Photobooth Event Photography in West Yorkshire

Friday eve saw us back with the Shawcross Sharks Under 14's Girls Awards Eve ( we had this event last year too with the under 16's ) at their base in Dewsbury West Yorkshire

We set up our super w  i  d  e  Photo Booth backdrop in the adjoining room, turned out the lights and kept the door closed ( we didn't want anybody sneaking a look as this was a surprise ).

I captured all the build up to the awards ceremony as usual and it was great to meet the organisers plus the girls and as many of them had the parents to come along too to see their celebrations there was a great atmosphere.

I just captured all the awards plus the speeches etc from the organisers and after we managed to get all the girls up front for a nice group shot before Wayne announced we had a Photo Booth in the other room, OMG carnage! They went totally mental for it with props and stuff flying everywhere, we really did manage to get some awesome Photo Booth shots and as long as the girls had an awesome event and enjoyed it that's what we wanted the most

You can now view all the 800 plus images from Fridays Photo Booth event HERE 😂

Below we also have some highlights randomly chosen from all the previews below


K x

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