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Thursday 17 November 2016

Award Winning Wedding Photographer - Yorkshire Wedding Photographer 2016

Well what can we say, we are absolutely #overthemoon #buzzing and lots of other words to describe how we are feeling after being nominated in the top 6 Yorkshire Wedding Photographers at the English Wedding Awards that was to be held at The Mercure Hotel in Manchester on Monday 14th November 2016.

We picked up Nicola & Catherine from Wentbridge House on Monday eve ( as they had been nominated for the best Wedding Venue in Yorkshire too ) and tripped off down the M62 ( what in rush hour I hear you say ) to Manchester city centre to try and find the Mercure Hotel and hopefully somewhere to park not too far away.

We arrived there just after 6pm and the car park actually lead up right to the front of the hotel door ( bonus ), another photographer that we had got to know better recently Ryan Browne was also in attendance and after a quick call from him we found each other on the 3rd floor and just got to know everybody from all over England ( this was the English Wedding Awards tbf ) and found out what they had been nominated for, such a great buzz all around too :-)

As this was a what you could say ' POSH ' event the suit and bow tie had to come out :-/ and if you really would like to see me in a suit and bow tie here you go ( please though don't get used to this haha )

Sorry for the quality this was taken on a camera phone just before we set off, trying not to look nervous 😂

After getting to know quite a few of the wedding suppliers and finding out where they had travelled from ( some even up from the Capital in London, told you this was the English Wedding Awards ) we got ushered into the main room to be seated for the Awards Event ( hey we even got front row ). They initially explained the awards and they had been running this event in Scotland for the last 5 years plus other places, they mentioned this was the very first English Wedding Awards too so we were really excited to be part of the first event and to get nominated in the top 6 Yorkshire Wedding Photographers.

They showed us some videos of past events plus chatted about the Make a Wish foundation to which we made a donation later in the eve. Then it was time to call out the winners, OMG feeling nervous or what?
They started with the North East and after they announced the winners they encouraged the winners to stand on stage with the lady who was hosting the event plus get a professional picture with the certificate etc

Then it was ' that moment ' they said The Yorkshire Wedding Photographer of the Year 2016, OMG I could hardly sit still and totally did not have a clue what was coming, then they announced it, the winner of the English Wedding Awards Yorkshire Wedding Photographer 2016 is Image-i-Nation Photography OMG OMG what has just been said? I think I went into a daze and couldn't believe what I was hearing, had we actually won an award for our wedding photography? YES we had!!!! Mrs Image-i-Nation ( who was obviously there ) grabbed hold of me and we both went up on stage in front of everybody, at this point I defo felt rather emotional I don't mind saying and a few tears popped out ( after 10 years of shooting weddings we had finally been recognised for all our hard work and determination )

We accepted the award and then after getting a picture it was that time we had to speak, as I was a bit emotional to say the least ( and thanks for the massive cheer from all the suppliers ) Mrs Image-i-Nation stepped in and we thanked everybody plus all the fans and clients etc. Wow what a night!!! We had WON Yorkshire Wedding Photographer of the Year 2016 ( still couldn't believe it )

When the awards presenting was over and before we sat down to a gorgeous meal and chatted to everybody we were encouraged to get another picture with our awards in front of the stand they had in place, searching around in my jacket for somewhere to put the cardboard tube that held the certificate though whilst we held it up I felt a card of some sort and after pulling it out it was my Dads funeral card with a picture of him that I keep ( did not have a clue how it got in that pocket though but it defo set me off again and you know what I was so happy it was there as my dad was with me that night in spirit! Hopefully he will be looking down and smiling 😇

Absolutely awesome night and massive shout out to all the winners, we defo can say this award winning photographer thing is great and in the last few days we have had numerous enquiries and so far got 3 meetings arranged for next week!

Below we have a picture of our certificate and if you take a look on our FACEBOOK PAGE you can see some more images from the event on Monday

We are a family run business here at Image-i-Nation ( imagination ) Photography and we really do love what we do, we meet awesome fun loving people and get to spend the best day of their lives with them too, having lots of fun & laughter along the way, what's not to like?

If you are searching for YOUR Wedding Photographer and looking for something a bit more personal and fun then please get in touch with us on the contact form of the web site HERE or ring or text us on our mobile number anytime 

Mobile 07980 225 492

Happy Face 👌👍😜😙

Me & Mrs Image-i-Nation looking super smiley 😜

NIcola & Catherine from Wentbridge House plus they brought a plus one haha 😂 with their award as they won Best Wedding Venue in Yorkshire too

Ryan Browne looking rather smart there matey 😎



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