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Monday 21 November 2016

Asian Wedding Photographer West Yorkshire - Bradford Wedding Photography

On Saturday we hooked up with the gorgeous smiley Karen & James ( all the way from sunny Texas ) who had secured us to totally ROCK their wedding Image-i-Nation Styleeee at Keighley Shared Church and then back to Cedar Court in Bradford for the reception venue.

We initially met Karen & James a while ago in the newly built Broadway Shopping Centre in Costco where we got to know them a little better and showed our awesome Loxley albums we offer in some of our wedding packages. 

I started with all the girls and Karen's awesome Dad ( he never stops smiling ) at home getting ready and it was nice to meet the girls from Glam by Elizabeth Daisy getting the girls looking super gorgeous with hair & make up. Karen & James also had a wedding planner with Sophie from Weddings with Ease UK and she really did help to make the day run super smooth so massive shout out to her 👊

After all the girls and some of the guys were virtually ready we set off to the church to capture some shots of folk arriving plus James waiting patiently for Karen's arrival. When Karen arrived it was just a quick few shots inside the car with parents etc as the weather wasn't looking too good 💧

Capturing as much as possibly throughout the ceremony and massive shout to the vicar as he didn't bother us with any restrictions unlike some vicars 😁 ( don't get why some vicars have to be so restrictive plus registrars? No need as we are there to tell a story of the wedding day in pictures so any thing missed from not being allowed is not good in our book )

After the ceremony we did notice outside the rain was pounding down so we got all the family and any groups the Bride & Groom wanted to capture to stay back in church as we going to use the stage. After some formal and defo fun shots we headed off to Cedar Court and just as we arrived Karen called to ask if it was possible to head off to a local park to get some nice shots of the Bride & Groom, hey sure we love this time, so with Bride & Groom plus Bride's sister in the back of the car we set off, the sky was looking really good too plus at this point the rain had actually stopped 😜

Massive shout out to ALL the wedding party for making us feel sooooooo welcome and we defo had an awesome time

Below we have a select few ( about 250 ) images from Karen & James wedding as kinda a Highlights out of the 1700 plus we shot


K x

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