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Sunday 1 May 2016

Tour De Yorkshire at Wentbridge House 2016

On Saturday morning we had a phone call from Catherine the boss at our fav wedding venue Wentbridge House asking if we wanted to bob over to get some shots of the Tour De Yorkshire that was due to come past around 4pm later that day. In mid bites between my cornflakes I said that was a great idea and I would love to shoot over ( the weather was looking good and I knew we would get some great skies today )

So after a quick natter, finish the brew & cornflakes and get my self ready ( everything is normally all charged and ready to go I set off down the A1 to the fab Wentbridge House to hang out with all the staff and get some nice relaxed shots of all the goings on ( there was actually a wedding on that day too and it was nice to watch everybody getting into the wedding spirit.

As I also wasn't on the clock so to speak it was nice to try out some new creative flash ideas that we have been working on and getting to learn more about so we can introduce them more at our weddings :-)

Lots of fun and everybody was really in high spirits and there were loads of cheers as all the riders went by, what a totally fab afternoon it was

Thanks again to all the Wentbridge House staff and here are a few images from rather a lot that I shot on the day



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Catherine & Nick looking good guys :-)

Ted takes some time out

Ellie Sax

Check out THAT SKY

Super cute flower girl


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