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Thursday 19 May 2016

Oakwell Hall Engagement Photography - Katie & Stuart

Last night in some gorgeous evening light we hooked up with another one of our fun loving couples at Oakwell Hall after having a chat at their home first to get some ideas and times down for their upcoming wedding at the beautiful Wentbridge House in a few weeks

We arrived at Oakwell Hall but had to park outside as they close the barriers down around 5pm. I got the fav lens out that we use for our pre shoot sessions, the awesome Nikon 70-200mm plus I looked liked a japanese tourist as I had the think tank belt bags with the new additions to our gear the Phottix Odin 2 triggers as I was dying to get some creative lighting shots ( will be doing more of these at future weddings so stay tuned, always learning )

Our pre shoots include lots of fun & laughter as standard. 
Couples that decide to book us for their wedding are wanting something different from the normal boring, staged wedding photography that you might be familiar with, they are fun loving and don't take their selves too seriously, they want to enjoy the wedding day from start to finish with minimal fuss and lots of fun & laughter

You can view all the shots below in our previews galleries HERE with a view to ordering images of various sizes plus downloads

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Take a look at a handful of shots from last night below, we really hope you enjoy and if you are looking for your wedding photographer then just hollllla and get in touch


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We always try to give instant response guys, that's part of our fab customer service, click HERE to see what makes us different

K x

Loving the use of creative flash techniques here after investing in the awesome Phottix Odin 2 triggers and watching hours of training videos

Lets go for a walk guys, nice relaxed Engagement Photography at Oakwell Hall


This looks so wrong in so many ways!

No man vegetables were harmed from making this fun Engagement Photography shot

Getting creative with the brand new Phottix Odin 2 triggers ( yes I was lying on the floor )

As Katie announces she loves jumping shots who are we to disappoint!!!

OMG Kev check out the size of the sheep's ' bits '

Katie decides its time to enter the Oakwell Hall sheep racing ( she was the only one in the race so victory was hers and she celebrates winning here, by Stuarts look I think he wanted a go )

#theresanotherjumpingshot #thinkishouldhaveusedafastershutter

Cheeky!!! :-/


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