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Sunday 8 May 2016

Photobooth in Doncaster - 30th Birthday Celebrations

Wow whats the chance of us booking two 80's themed Photo Booth events the day after each other?

Last night we tripped off to Doncaster to totally rock Tara's 30th Birthday celebrations with our super wide Photo Booth backdrop at The Forresters Arms

When we arrived we just had to shuffle the odd table around so we could get the best out of the space available :-)

Absolutely loving all the 80's tunes again and even got to meet the idol Mr Adam Ant ( or his missus ) see if you can spot me?

Here are a few images from over 700 for you guys to feast your blog loving eyes on


K x

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Who you gonna call?


What timing? :-)

Crazy girls, totally FAB!

Guess the dance?

Trying to get some loose change :-/


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