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Sunday 10 April 2016

Woodlands Leeds Engagement Photography - Jennifer & Richard

What an absolutely B E A U T I F U L day to hook up with Jennifer & Richard for a pre shoot meeting etc. Super gorgeous BLUE sky at Woodlands in Leeds and gorgeous weather ( it had to happen sooner or later )

We first had a natter and got some ideas down for Jennifer & Richard's cosy mid week wedding they have planned at the fab Woodlands.

We defo always like to hook up with our couples a month or so before the big day for a catch up and to get some ideas down ( nothing too structured though but always nice to get some more formal shots down )

Really do think Woodlands is a special place for weddings too as theres lots of places for photos plus having the grounds lower down makes for a really good space for group shots

Here are a few images from earlier with the fun loving Jennifer & Richard


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