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Saturday 2 April 2016

Huddersfield Engagement Photography - Greenhead Park Huddersfield

On a rather shall we say quite damp morning I met up with Sarah, Nathan and Connor at Greenhead Park in Huddersfield for a Pre Wedding shoot/meeting.

We all initially sat in the conservatory to go through info for the special day, getting some ideas down for group shots etc, plus we will attempt on the wedding day to get everybody from the church to Greenhead Park for some shots ( lets hope it's as quiet as it was today but somehow a Saturday in June I doubt it )

The star of today has to be the cutest Connor, after he started off trying to convince me he was a dinosaur and showing me his scary face :-/

After we had a brief plan of the day we headed off outside to a really drizzly and damp Greenhead Park to see if we could just get a few shots of this fun loving family.

Below are just a few pre wedding shots from what has to be the wettest pre wedding shoot to date

K x

Connor's Scary Dinosaur Face :-/

Share the Joke?

Can you spot the rain?

Connor couldn't bear to see his Mum & dad snogging :-/

Peek a Boo

When the sky is totally pants we can always add one in :-)

Just chilling out on a wet Saturday in Greenhead Park


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