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Saturday 2 April 2016

Engagement Photography at Shibden Mill Inn - Rachael & Ricky

Today after a slightly damp morning Pre Wedding shoot with Sarah & Nathan at Greenhead Park I headed off to meet Rachael &Ricky at their lovely home in the village of Queensbury where on arrival I was met by the cutest ' Tilly ' their Jack Russell just totally chilling out, the most chilled out Jack Russell EVER!

After a nice strong brew ( and to get tempted with easter egg, I can reveal after 3 whole months of no chocolate, biscuits, cakes etc I can say I was tempted but didn't give in to temptation ). After reading Anna Pumer's BLOG post about quitting sugar we have been virtually sugarless in the Image-i-Nation household

Rachael & Ricky are such a fun loving couple and we initially met them at Wentbridge House just under a year ago now when they loved our fun style of wedding photography and secured us for their special wedding day

As we noticed the rain had finally stopped we headed off down to where these guys actually got engaged at Shibden Mill Inn 4 years ago, this is where they wanted to have their pre wedding shoot (we don't mind where we hang out with fun loving couples and get to take pictures )

Anyway after a double pre shoot day here are some images from hanging out with Rachael & Ricky


K x

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Always love a white wall

Oh dear that's Rachael's ' Tango ' face :-/

Nice pout Ricky :-)

#gangstar #hiphop #freestyle

So funny look at Ricky's face :-)

Fab scenery

Just sat thinking about what happened at the bench, classified info sorry blog readers we best not say :-/


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