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Sunday 6 December 2015

Photobooth Event Photography - Shawcross Sharks

On Friday eve we had the pleasure to be part of the Shawcross Sharks Girls Rugby Awards Eve where ' Weggy ' Steve had planned a surprise for them after the awards were handed out in another room we had set our super wide Photo Booth backdrop up ( ooh the suspense of how the girls would react )

As we arrived early we captured the arrival of all the girls with family etc plus we shot the awards ceremony. 

After the awards were over Steve announced he had the girls " a surprise in the other room " to which I think a few of the girls worked it out as they shouted at the top of their voice PHOTOBOOTH

Well that was it as the doors were opened it was absolutely mental with 15 year old girls getting their crazy Photo Booth pose on everywhere

Below is just a tiny selection of images from the event out of just under 1000 that we have online, click HERE to view all the images.

If anybody requires a DVD with all the high res images on please let Steve or Ben know or just email us so we know how many to produce, complete with glossy display case

The cost for the DVD is £12.50 each

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