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Tuesday 8 December 2015

Loxley Colour Storybook Wedding Albums

A long overdue blog post about how fab we think our album company is Loxley Colour, the attention to detail plus service we get from them is unmatched! 
Any queries they are straight on the phone plus reply to emails within 24 hours :-)

We moved to Loxley Colour quite a while ago now after a few issues with another album company ( not saying who ) where the products where, how can I say it, far from acceptable and we didn't want to be sending stuff back if they couldn't check items before they sent them out to us with problems 

Recently we have been super busy creating albums in our unique way from re opening the raw files and creating layers using photoshop to design the album page, after we then flatten this down to drag the double pages into the Loxley Designer software, when we then send a preview to our super gorgeous Bride & Grooms they have the option the change anything they wish, it is made easier for us as we can then just tweak the layers in the psd files we have created ( if the last bit sounds foreign to you then I apologise )

Anyway here are a few recent albums that we will be tripping off tomorrow to hand deliver, thought I would use the time to write this post so you can see how absolutely gorgeous these albums are! They are the Loxley Perfetto Lay Flat Acrylic Storybook Albums in Landscape design at 14 by 10 inches we favour, though there really is stacks of choice within Loxley so we can provide anything that they provide!

Here are a few images to show the super Loxley Quality



Parent Albums always come in sets of 2, super quality with lay flat pages


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