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Wednesday 8 April 2015

Wentbridge House Wedding Photography - Katie & Aaron

The 2nd of last weekends easter fun weddings with Katie & Aaron back at our fav place in West Yorkshire ' Wentbridge House '

We initially met Katie & Aaron at one of the Wentbridge House Wedding Showcases and they both told us that after searching for a Wedding Photographer around the West Yorkshire region they thought our wedding work was a ' Breath of fresh air ' insert smiley face!!!

Our style of Wedding Photography is….. Creative - Fun & Upbeat

As one guest recently announced ' We bring the party to your wedding '

We started the day off at Katie's parents which has to be one of the biggest places I have ever seen!!! Absolutely felt right at home and a massive shout out to ' Crumpet Boy ' Jack for providing us with all that banter we love so much! 

First thing first after a nice strong cup of Yorkshire tea we set about capturing all the fun & laughter that is always present at Bridal prep early in the morning with all the fab bridesmaids, the star though has to be Aaron's ' Mini me ' Alfie, I was met by him first thing as soon as I got out the car and all he wanted to do was play, he has to be one of the cutest little dogs ever!!! 

The weather was absolutely fab once again and just perfect with some fab evening light which gave us a chance to produce some stunning ' Off Camera Flash ' images, see below

Katie & Aaron are so smiley and we could tell they absolutely loved the day, they were so happy to listen to our suggestions so we could capture even more fab wedding images for them, we love them all!!!

Aaron what can we say about him, he is just like a cute cuddly teddy bear and we now know where he gets his twitter name from haha

Well I really could waffle on for ages how fab this couple are but I am sure you wanna see some fab wedding pics? Right?

Here is just a small selection from Katie & Aaron's absolutely awesome fun wedding at Wentbridge House Hotel

Now we have the task of getting 2116 wedding images down to preview and that's NOT including the photo booth ones :-/

K x

Yes ladies thats the guy from Take Me out!!! Let the straighteners see the hair :-)

Scary eyes haha

Fab make up lady 

Loving this viewpoint

Jack the main man otherwise known around west yorkshire as Crumpet Boy

Who's gonna play with us???

Excited face

Jazz hands? 

Awww we have run out of Crumpets?

Awesome flowers

Alfie, Aarons ' Doppelgänger '

Who's eaten all the crumpets? Jackkkkkkkkkkkk

Dad looking too cool for school!

Check my pretty dress out


Crazy Jazz hands!

Gorgeous girls

Oooo these smell nice 

No Alfie you can't play

Wit wooo

Let's get married!

Share the joke?

Dutch courage?



An absolute legend! Jonny one of our second shooters!

Tash on session!

The fabulous Crystal Suite at Wentbridge House

Oooo err matron!

Photo bombed by Katie's crazy mum

Our awesome Signing Boards

Selfie time

Errrrr Crumpet Boy in the house!

Mr Cool

You don't wanna know what went on in there? What happens at Wentbridge stays at Wentbridge!

Just checking the footy :-/

Gorgeous evening backlighting


A contender for Crumpet Boy if Jack ever renounces his crown


The one and only Demi Moffat ' Don't you know who I am '?

Getting in practice for the Grand National

Feel sorry for the Kangaroo :-/

Wentbridge gangsters

X factor contenders?

The Real Management?

Come on take a shot Kev were waiting!

Guess the tune?

We got a man down!

That looks painful


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