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Friday 17 April 2015

Engagement Photography - Rachael & Aiden

Earlier today we hooked up with Rachael & Aiden for their Pre Wedding session at there very own woodland ( how cool is that, answers on a postcard to…… )

Seriously though I love these guys, they are so friendly and defo had a right laugh earlier as we hiked round the woods where they are having a huge marquee wedding. One comment I thought was really funny today was when Rachael said they didn't want the normal style wedding and they loved being different, absolutely agree as I am sure some of you blog followers will agree that we have a unique style of wedding photography and we totally rock & enjoy every single wedding that we shoot from early in the morning till late into the eve, some wedding days can be over 14 hours for us so we defo earn our keep!

Here is a taster from todays session with the crazy couple Rachael & Aiden ( nice bike mate BTW )


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