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Tuesday 7 April 2015

Wentbridge House Wedding Photography - Heidi & Paul

The first of this weekends double weddings on Saturday at the fab Wentbridge House with Heidi & Paul for a Fun Easter Wedding.

We initially met Heidi & Paul last September when a trip to their house just up the road from us ended up in about a 2 hour plus meeting and paul getting the tinnies out :-/ ( cider )

We defo seemed to get on as if we had known these guys for ages and after a few ' posh ' coffees from Heidi's fancy coffee machine they decided to book us for their fun wedding at Wentbridge House

The weather was absolutely fab and just perfect for us with some gorgeous light and as you probably know if you read our blog that we love Wentbridge House and it really is an honour for them to regard us as one of their highly recommended wedding photographers :-)

When you arrive at a wedding for bridal prep you never know what to expect as you only really know the bride but after few minutes I knew this wedding was going to be fun with a capital F as all the bridesmaids and guests were so up for a laugh with lots of banter going on, just perfect for us

Paul and the guys were being taken care of with one of our second shooters Jonny and I could see they were having some fun around the grounds of Wentbridge House from the bridal suite window.

Heidi & Paul also decided they wanted our Full Day Wedding Videography that we introduced last year and this was our first outing with some new gadgets plus a 2 camera set up to capture all the wedding action

We partied long into the night even though we knew we had to take a trip back the Wentbridge House the next day for another wedding with Katie & Aaron ( blog post coming soon ) with our super wide photo booth backdrop at both weddings

This was also the first outing with the new Nikon D750's also and we can confirm we absolutely love them! I will try to get a blog post about the camera as soon as poss

Here are just a few images from rather quite a lot ( 2557 ) and that doesn't include the 
photobooth ones, we now have the task to get these down to around 1000, sometimes this is not so easy as we love them all :-/

This got me filling up!!! Such emotion



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