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Sunday 28 April 2019

Property Photographer Yorkshire I Property Photography Yorkshire

Absolutely loving the recent introduction we have to our business in the form of Property Photography and so much so we now have a couple of branches of Estate Agents on board as their preferred photographers. We really do LOVE weddings but to keep our passion shining brightly as ever its important to diversify into other areas of photography and after a phone call around the back end of 2018 from a UK based business wanting to get us on their books for Property Photography in Yorkshire we really got quite excited at a new challenge and after a few properties sent to us they really loved our work (i think we must have been on trial initially)

The last few weeks has been super crazy with quite a few properties sent, we get to see some stunning homes plus just yesterday we received our very first 5 star feedback from a client! #wahoo

We have created a new page on our web site to showcase some property shoots we have been on and will try to keep this updated as we go


Below are a selection of some of our fav property photography images, they were all shot with natural light and using a simple editing process (see the screen recording below)

We are also thinking about getting a bit creative and introducing some flash mixed with ambient light into our property photography so watch this space

Like I said we still LOVE weddings but will be limiting our weddings to a set amount each year so if you are planning your wedding please GET IN TOUCH for availability.

We have over 12 weddings already booked for 2020

Property Photographer Yorkshire - Stunning Minimalist looking bathroom


Property Photographer Yorkshire 

Gorgeous development from Craig Miller Joinery & Builders based in Dalton Huddersfield

Lovely 4 bedroom property in Clayton West Huddersfield, had a right laugh with the owner as I was shooting this one plus doing a floor plan!

That is all natural light and just after the rain I got some stunning cloud coverage, love love love this shot of another property in Huddersfield

A 3 bedroom converted bungalow in Meltham Huddersfield I attended just yesterday, chatting to the lady owner as I went around, even dropped her at her mums house after the shoot in Marsh, asked her what music she liked as we set off and mentioned I happed to be a massive Adam and the Ants fan, she said I like them (i kid you not) so chatting away listening to Adam and the Ants in the background FAB

Sunny Mirfield, the owner of this house liked the pictures that much he told me he didn't realise how nice his house was and took if off the market! #truestory

Love this gorgeous kitchen in South Kirby Pontefract with the led lighting underneath! Chatting to the homeowner they wanted to move to France and she had a loft conversion that was a treatment room! #stunning

Imagine in summer with the doors wide open just listening to the birds tweeting and some soft background music! Gorgeous 5 bedroom property

Ooooo a double garage, every man wants one right?

Another lovely 3 bedroom property, got chatting to the home owner and asked if I had time for a 'posh coffee' 😃 #ilovemyjob

Lovely 4 bedroom house in Horbury on 3 levels, sky all natural (though we can photoshop a nice sky in if req)

An example of our current editing process which takes about 1 minute per image


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