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Tuesday 26 June 2018

Wentbridge House Wedding Photography - Nichola & Sam

Last weekend I was back at one of the fav wedding venues in the West Yorkshire regions at Wentbridge House and as a highly recommended wedding photographer here it really does feel like coming home as we have got to know quite a few of the friendly staff in our time shooting weddings.

I started at a hair salon in Knottingley with all the girls getting hair sorted and then a trip back down the road to a local Premier Inn for finishing off and getting dressed. I got a new friend too in the form of a cuddly and cute fluffy dog called Douglas (I named him), he didn't say much though 😂 but defo was cute.

After some time with the girls I set off to the church and saw Sam arriving by Tractor (he does love his tractors), and parked it up outside the church like you do.
The vicar was very familiar and I had seen him a few years back at another wedding and he actually remembered me too and I knew it would be a fun ceremony and I would be allowed to get the shots with no grumpy vicar faces like sometimes #whycantallvicarsbefun

After the ceremony we all enjoyed some time outside the church whilst we captured some interaction, confetti and formal and fun shots (quite a few people mentioned later in the eve how they thought it was so different than the bog standard boring wedding photography that you may be familiar with, thanks guys)

We headed of to Wentbridge House after some time at the church (and we arranged a ride for the B&G as the wedding car broke down but we won't mention that) to carry on the fun and get as many shots in the time allowed before they all went into the air conditioned reception room (it was a hot one).

Speeches were after the meal so this gave me some time to chill and check through some shots plus #bonus 2 guests hadn't turned up so I got treated to a full meal (spot on)

After the speeches everybody got ushered into the courtyard outside and I spent some time with everybody as they chatted and relaxed and just captured some natural shots before eve guests started to arrive so we were back in the chrystal suite for party time, it was also great to see a friend in the form of MDG Entertainment and I knew they would get banging tunes and I would end up on the dance floor with the camera ✊

Below we have some highlights from what can only be described as a fab, fun, tractor filled wedding with Nikster & Sam, all images have been randomly selected from the previews with minimal photoshopping

Creative & Fun Wedding Photography

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P.s if you really wanna see me on the dance floor? 
Thanks to Michael at MDG Entertainment 😂😂😂


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