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Tuesday 12 June 2018

Wentbridge House Engagement Photography - Laura & Steven

Last night I met up with Laura & Steven for a Pre Shoot/Meeting back at the fab Wentbridge House (got a lovely sunset later too)

At the start of any pre shoot sometimes you might feel slightly nervous and I think Laura & Steven did but at the end of the time (hopefully) you will have really enjoyed it and bonus we get some nice relaxed shots of you too :-)

The grounds at Wentbridge House really are great for pics plus we have all the village outside Wentbridge and I am familiar with loads of fab places for great shots. I suggested to Laura & Steven we went for a stroll around first for some shots before we sat down in the air conditioned brasserie to chat about plans for the big day

Below we have some highlights from Laura & Steven's pre shoot, check out the fab sunset shots

K x


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