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Friday 22 September 2017

Wentbridge House Wedding Photography - Emma & Adam

Last weekend we were back at one of our fav wedding venues around the Yorkshire area Wentbridge House for Emma & Adam's fun wedding celebrations. 
I started off at Wentbridge House and hooked up with all the girls for the getting ready vibe like you do, lots of fun as well plus a tray of sandwiches and crisps to go around #yummy

The wedding celebrations were going to be held outside in the folly so we had everything crossed the weather would stay nice for us 😂

I met up with the Adam & the guys down at the front of Wentbridge as I saw the huge limo pull up (no Adam wasn't wearing one of his jumpers either), I used this time to get shots of the guys and Adam with each individual usher & groomsmen plus a bit a fun with the guys (dad said he needed a lie down after that)

After some guy fun (that sounds a bit wrong) I headed up back with the girls to catch Summer trying on her mums dress and shoes (so cute) before I headed back down to catch some of the guests being seated and saw the one and only Conker (emma & adams cute doggie) wearing his bow tie looking very smart indeedy.

The ceremony was held outside and the weather was perfect with a slight Autumn vibe (love autumn weddings (after the ceremony I always use this time to capture as many formal & fun wedding shots before everybody is ushered into the reception room for the celebrations to carry on with some nice tasty treats!

I managed to get everybody back outside after the meal (well kinda) and we saw the most awesome rainbow which TBF didn't last very long, what a shame. Setting up our super wide Photo Booth backdrop in the eve plus catching stacks of dance floor fun, I did plan for a dance off but I think Adam went AWOL so sorry about that :-/

Below we have some highlights randomly selected from the previews from Emma & Adam's fab, fun wedding day! Enjoy  Kev x

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One of the fav wedding images of 2017 so far


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