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Friday 14 July 2017

Yorkshire Wedding Photographer - Kings Croft Wedding Photography

Yesterday I hooked up with Caroline & Andrew at Kings Croft in sunny Pontefract to get some nice relaxed shots plus go through wedding info for their upcoming autumn wedding (love autumn weddings)

The weather was fantastic and love the view from the cornfield at the far side of the grounds at Kings Croft for some moody sky shots using our fab Phottix Odin 2 flash triggers. We really do enjoy our Pre Shoot hook ups as it just gives us chance to get to know you guys so much more, plus Caroline & Andrew did say how much they loved our fun shots! #freestyle

Below we have some highlights from yesterdays fun at Kings Croft with the smiley Caroline & Andrew

K x

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Manual mode in camera can give you some great results (500sec, f22, -1.7ev (for the camera geeks)

Awesome results obtained just by using one Nikon SB910 and Phottix Odin 2's shooting in manual mode

Fav pic above


Chilling out

Always love some foreground blur using the leaves

This guy is a jumping legend!

Love the feel of this fence too, kinda gives it a nice rustic feel!


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