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Monday 3 April 2017

Storm at Jeremy's Brighouse - Band Photography Yorkshire

Last Saturday we arranged to book a table to see our fav band STORM as they were playing at Jeremy's the Boathouse in Brighouse, as we booked a table quite a few friends found out as we might have mentioned it to them and we ended up with about 10 of us "Storm Groupies" ready to see all the guys totally rock Brighouse beyond all recognition!!! 💪👊

Being the photographer type (you might have noticed the odd pic on here or 2) I decided to take the Nikon D750 down along with just 1 Nikon SB910 (as I really wanted to get some of the creative lighting techniques we have introduced at weddings now) with everybody totally rocking to the awesome sounds of Aden & the guys from STORM!

What an absolutely awesome night, you really had to be there, words can't explain how awesome (how many times have I said awesome) these guys are, really friendly too as they speak to everybody in the crowd before and after like mates!

Below we have just a handful from over 500 images shot on the night, if you would like to show an interest in the FULL SET when we have them available just email us HERE and we will email you the link when ready

All the images used in this blog highlights can be found HERE, you can view online plus have the option to purchase various size prints plus lots of other fab items

Enjoy and keep rocking!

Until next time STORM

K x


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