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Sunday 7 February 2016

The Old Golf House Engagement Photography - Huddersfield Wedding Photographer

Today we met up with the fun loving and super smiley couple Lucy & Graham for their Pre Wedding Shoot/Meeting that we include in all our wedding packages at The Old Golf House in Huddersfield West Yorkshire

I arrived at The Old Golf House around 1.30 pm ish to see the guys arriving at the same time ( what timing )
We decided to have a chat inside first to go through the info and get some times down plus some idea of any particular shots ( more formal stuff ) they wanted us to capture

After a natter, and the mention of a certain word ( the nickname for somebody called Richard, I promise I didn't start it, did i? ) we headed off outside to get some fun shots as we chatted and gave the guys some ideas.

The rain did manage to stop play slightly early though but I think we had enough shots and hopefully the guys all felt super relaxed in our company like we have known them for ages?

We always like this as we turn up at your wedding like a friend just capturing the day, lots of fun & laughter is then just natural, we really don't like the forced smiles. 

See what YOU think? 

Here are a few images from earlier with Lucy & Graham at The Old Golf House in Huddersfield

We have also included an idea for their Signing Board ( how fab are our Signing Boards )

K x

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Email, text, phone etc etc we don't mind either :-)

How fab does that look?

Oh no Kev caught me with errrr my mums handbag!

Nice to meet you

Oooooo errrrr don't fall guys :-/

Lucy & Graham get photobombed!

Not sure what happened here :-/


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