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Friday 5 February 2016

Bagden Hall Engagement Photography - Huddersfield Wedding Photography

What a fab day weather wise earlier to hook up with Lesley & Lee at Bagden Hall in Huddersfield for their Pre Wedding shoot/meeting that we include in every single package we offer, we always love chatting weddings and defo love taking pictures and having fun!

We initially had a little explore all around the grounds of Bagden Hall looking for great spots along the way that will make for awesome wedding pictures on the day, we have shot a few weddings here before so are quite familiar with in and around the grounds ( always a bonus )

Lesley & Lee brought their 2 cute lads along too to join in the fun. As you can see from the pictures below ( hopefully ) we had a right laugh and even pretended to have a light sabre battle with 2 branches ( hey who said we can't improvise )

Here are a few images from earlier with Lesley & Lee


K x

Kings of the Castle

OMG do you think the bridge will collapse on us?

He aint heavy he's my brother!

Squirrel Hunting

Need a leg up BRO?

Kev please I am trying to get 40 winks here :-/

Hey are these really light sabres Kev? 

Wonder if I go as far away as poss will Kev still take pictures of me? Doh

Do you think Kev will see me behind this tree?


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