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Saturday 16 January 2016

Our Visit to Loxley Colour Photographic Lab in Glasgow

A few months ago we had an email from our awesome album company inviting us for a tour around the lab as one of their valued customers ( we only use one as they provide everything we need and so much more ) Loxley Colour based in Glasgow Scotland ( that's approx 238.3 miles away from us with a drive time of around 3hrs 47mins ( give or take for pit stops ) 

We set off super early Friday morning ( what a beautiful if a bit chilly day ) up North to sunny ( trust me it was ) Glasgow to our fab friends at Loxley Colour.

We really do love these guys and even more so now after meeting them and speaking to them and really getting their passion for what they do, the products we get back from them are always such great quality with attention to detail ( we actually saw the quality control area )

We arrived ( after dropping the wives off at a nearby hotel we had booked for the overnight stay ) around 2pm at Loxley Colour Reception, we were greeted by the most friendliest, smiliest member of the team on reception ( she was even checking over our web site and said how much she really did like our images, trust me, oh and thanks for photobombing us in the lab :-) )

After we introduced ourselves as they had been expecting us,Jacqueline made herself known to us that she would be showing us around the lab and if we had any questions we just had to ask. Looking a bit ' star struck ' we signed in and then after another few little chats with Callum we headed off into the lab. The first thing I could think was ' wow we are actually in OUR awesome album companies lab where our fab wedding albums actually come from ( we even picked 2 up while we were here as they had them all ready for us )

Here are a few images below from outside and inside the reception area at Loxley Colour plus some product shots showing how gorgeous there stuff really is ( it even looks better in real life )

How colourful does Loxley Colour look?

Gorgeous, quality, storybook wedding albums

Sorry had to get a shot us signing in :-/

Spot the smiley team member on reception

Awesome display boxes for USB sticks that we are going to be using in all our packages instead of DVDs


Jacqueline really knew everything there was to know about every single process inside the lab and how everything worked, she informed us of all the stages of when we upload our orders, where they go and what process it took to get the the quality storybook albums we receive back from them.

We walked around the lab and got to look at all the different products they provide, how they were created plus the attention to detail in the process.

We even got to see all the guys upstairs in the office where they would deal with all the tech stuff plus if we phoned them up where our phone calls went to, the vibe in the office was definately a friendly one plus we now know somebody in the office loves space raiders ( there was a multipack right there ) 

Chocolates and Space raiders in the office, sounds good to us guys :-) 

After our tour around the lab and chatting with all the guys ( and girls ) upstairs in the office they informed us that as one of their best customers they would like to take us out to dinner tonight in the West End of Glasgow ( table was booked for 7.30 at Nicks ) 
Wow what a kind gesture and thanks so much guys!!! We had such a laugh as we chatted about various stuff all night feeling really relaxed in their company

After the tour we headed off back to the hotel to get ready for our evening with Loxley Colour

Here are some images from inside the lab plus check out all the fab tech stuff they have!

How big is that monitor?

Attention to detail right there!

Thanks to ALL the Loxley Colour team for a great experience, this was a weekend we will never forget!


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