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Sunday 24 January 2016

Christening Photographer in Wakefield - Roman's Christening

Earlier today I met up with Kirstie & Joe who had contacted me a few weeks ago to see if we were free to shoot some pictures at their son Roman's Christening in Wakefield.

We shot Kirstie & Joe's wedding quite a few years ago now when we were starting out at the Crab & Lobster in Ascenby ( we have one there this year ) so its always nice to keep in touch via the power of facebook etc

So nice to see the guys plus all the friends we have met along the way at various occasions for a catch up.

I arrived mid morning at they new house to catch some shots of the kids etc playing with a few set up shots in a nice space they had available

After an hour or so we all set off to the church which was only 5 minutes away and the weather was fab for a day in January, the jacket didn't even come out.

After speaking with the vicar ( thats always a good thing ) he informed me of the best place to get some shots of the service etc.

After the short service we managed to get a few family shots outside before heading off to Dimple Well Lodge in Ossett Wakefield

After a super busy weekend with quite a few wedding enquiries plus one in Malta ( ooo an overseas wedding ) here are a few images from todays Christening with everybody

Below is a small selection of images from today out of 515 we have selected and will have online asap in our online galleries HERE

To see our web site page all about Christenings click HERE and get in touch


K x

Think I asked him how many girlfriends he had here :-/

Spot the mad one?

Cutie Roman all ready for his Christening

Ok so what do you want me to do with the cake?

Who's up to no good?

Was it something I said?

Peek a Boo

Spot the other mad one?

Kev I am your father, can't go to a Christening without a light sabre?


OMG don't look!

Gorgeous family, if not a bit mad! We love them!

Spot the OTHER mad one? Kirstie freestyle as she enters Dimple Well Lodge


Gorgeous Cake


How to shut your child up in one simple step!


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