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Monday 22 June 2015

Our Visit to London

On Friday 19th June 2015 we set off down to the capital city LONDON to celebrate a very special birthday for Mrs Imagination, we had planned our trip for a few months prior and as we have only ever been to London once before plus when we were there didn't get much time to check out all the sights around the centre we were defo looking forward

We caught the train from Brighouse station early Friday morning ( though on hindsight as it stopped at Mirfield we should have just got on there ) , we didn't realise this and wasn't told by the train folk, not to worry though.

Brighouse Train Station ( sorry there isn't much there )

We arrived in Kings Cross Station at approx 13.48 and made our way to find a taxi which are straight outside tbf so didn't have to go far, after about 15 mins we managed to get in a taxi and with the friendliest taxi driver set off to Premier Inn at County Hall where we were staying ( we love the Premier Inn ). The taxi driver gave us a guided tour around the streets on route and told us lots of info about London to get us even more excited for our stay!

Kings Cross Station

We arrived at Premier Inn County Hall around 14.55pm and the sun was shining all around London, when we opened our room 627 we could actually see the London Eye from our window and the sunlight was streaming in through the blinds, we felt so excited for what was going to be the next few days

After a few mins unpacking ( we didn't have much stuff, just the awesome Nikon D750 for me and some other bits ) we headed off out to explore London
Around the corner from our hotel we saw the full beauty of the great engineering feat that is the London Eye, wow how awesome does that look? We made a line for the ticket office and made sure we booked ourselves a spot on the Saturday eve session around 7.30pm with a free glass of Champagne plus fast track access ( basically no queuing and a guide to take us up in the ' POD '

After making sure we had secured our spot on the London Eye we went for a little walk to just get our bearings a bit more
Here are just a few images of London from our mini walkabout

There seems to be so much going on and we met people from all over the world, think I had brain overload with all that there was to look at! :-/

After a brief walk about we headed off back to our room for a chill out ( didn't have that long though ) as we were due down on the Victoria Embankment Pier for the Bateaux Cruise down the River Thames.

Wow what an absolutely awesome experience that was, we both agreed that this day had been one of the, if not the, best days of our lives!!! 

Here are some images on the cruise and slightly after with London all lit up ( I defo should have taken a tripod down with me, the Nikon D750 proved awesome though and all the low light images you see are handheld, some have had noise reduction applied in Photoshop that's all )

It was her birthday after all?

Above I think this has to be my fav image from our trip to London, shot hand held at 8000 iso ( can you believe it ) I don't believe it! ( said in the voice of Victor Meldrew )

After Mrs Imagination had endured some dodgy footwear from New Look ( blisters, she wasn't happy, the shoes were off ) we made our way back to our room at Premier Inn as we both were, to put it milady, knackered. 

What an absolutely top day, one we will never forget and loads of memories created from our camera phones and the Nikon D750.

On Saturday it was shopping day and we planned a trip to walk up to the world famous Oxford Street, on a Saturday in Central London? Yes we really did!!! How many people were around? Jeez we have never seen as many folk in one place, on route though we did get to see Downing Street, Trafalgar Square plus lots of other world famous London places, and was snapping them all! Hey we even made some friends on the way!

Here are a few images from a Saturday in Central London

Any Mini Lovers out there?

Iconic, Big Ben and a Big Red bus 

All the rage, selfie sticks

He looked like he was about to nod off? :-/

Does anybody use these now?

Think I was in Wedding mode here? Thought this looked cute, I promise we didn't know them!

Trafalgar Square ( the red one on monopoly )

There's that selfie stick again

Yes after what was #shoegate with the dodgy Mrs's shoes I had to endure a ladies shoe shop, it was her birthday weekend though so smile and say yes they look lovely :-/

There's an "A Bomb in Wardour Street " reminds me of my Jam days with paul Weller, Bruce Foxton & Rick Buckler

I promise i didn't buy anything!!!

Oxford Street

Not sure if she doesn't like me or the fact her jeans had rips in them :-/


OMG I found a world of Blackberrys downstairs in Selfridges, they had everything you could think of, really loving the Blackberry passport and think thats defo the next phone ( yes I love my Blackberry so there nah nah nah )

A quick pit stop in McDonalds for an Ice cream as i felt my feet were about to fall off! Yes they hurt quite a bit ( no i didn't have heels on before you ask haha )
We managed to make our way back to our hotel and I think  some kind of demonstration was going on as there were lots of people shouting stuff, we even saw the feed on the news later ( no we didn't get on the telly )

Here are some more London shots on the way back to our hotel

After a quick hour or so back in our room to get changed etc we headed off out over to the London Eye for our ' Champagne Experience ' 
We were lead up into the private area upstairs where we could await our booked slot in comfort. You did have the option of purchasing bottles of Champagne but it's not really our fav drink so we saved up for some cocktails later.

Our guide arrived and led us all downstairs ( hands in the air ) to the London Eye where we just got straight into our pod ( you have to get in quick as it doesn't stop ), there was a hen party in our pod and as we got chatting they had only come down from Manchester to have some girly hen party fun.

Here are some more images around the London Eye

After another super busy tiring day the only thing to do was to get back to our room to have some relaxing time. Zzzzzzzzzz didn't last long as we woke the next day!

Sunday we had planned to visit Covent Garden as this was our last day in London, we filled our boots with all you can eat brekky then after checking out we grabbed a taxi to Covent Garden but had to walk around with our suitcase, rucksack and the Nikon D750 attached to me, yes I did feel like a pack horse!

Covent Garden was buzzing with atmosphere and lots happening, we split up for 30 mins or so ( the misses really didn't want to drool in the Apple Shop for this time )
OMG the Apple Store? This has the be the biggest Apple Store I have ever seen, managed to get some advice from the Genius guys upstairs and asked if it was ok to take a few images after explaining what I was going to use them for, they had security guards all around the perimeter of all the rooms, the shop was buzzing but all the staff were very helpful.

Here are some Apple Store plus Covent garden images

Upstairs in the Apple Shop Genius Support bit


After another fab day, knackered though, we made our way back to Kings Cross station ready to catch out train back to sunny Mirfield

Had an absolutely awesome time in London and can't believe it something we haven't done before, really hope to be back soon though

Hope you enjoy our little story from our London weekend

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