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Tuesday 24 March 2015

UK Photoshow 2015

Just a quickie post to mention our little trip down to the NEC in Birmingham on Saturday for the once a year photography show at the NEC, just like a kid in a sweet shop we were there as soon as the doors opened though Jonny decided to park miles away so we had a bit of exercise to boot walking over the lake area towards the NEC :-/

Had an absolutely fab time and met a few familiar faces, drooling as soon as we walked in the door as the Nikon stand was right in front of our faces!!!

After having checked out the shiny new Nikon D750 & the Nikon D4s it was clear we just had to have one of them, but which one?
In my eyes the new Nikon D750 wins hands down for having an absolutely awesome ISO range, 2 sd card slots amongst other new features, plus its about £3000 cheaper than the Nikon D4s ( one thing the Nikon D4s does have is 2 card slots but we really don't understand why Nikon have used a QXD card which at best are hard to come by plus one compact flash slot ) defo prefer the two SD card slots so two 64gb sandisk cards were bought for each camera, so no more fiddling about at weddings taking cards in and out and worrying about card failure :-)

As we introduced full day videography to our web site last year which again has been popular we came away with some video gadgets one being a video stabiliser and are now looking forward to doing a 2 camera set up.

After what was an eventful day with some awesome people we are looking forward to next years event, best get saving up!!!

Here are a few images from the show ( taken with a small point and shoot camera )


K x

Blog post coming soon about the awesome camera that is the Nikon D750

Stay tuned!


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