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Saturday 14 March 2015

Fun Wedding Photographer West Yorkshire

Wow what a super busy week we have had and we are not into wedding season just yet :-/

Quite a few fab Loxley albums tied up ( we design all the pages in photoshop so they are unique to the couples ), a bit of DIY under the belt ( yes when we get time its nice to get the paintbrush out ), plus a few meetings to discuss wedding plans with potential couples.

Already for 2016 we have a record number of bookings, below are the fab couples that have secured us for 2016

30th January 2016 - Lorraine & Sam
26th March 2016 - Rachel & Michael
3rd June 2016 - Jayne & Bradley
17th June 2016 - Katie & Stuart
18th June 2016 - Julie & Wayne
25th June 2016 - Sarah & Nathan
8th July 2016 - Sally & Luke
9th July 2016 - Christine & Craig
16th July 2016 - Jade & Chris
23rd July 2016 - Kimberley & Lee
24th July 2016 - Leanne & Drew
29th July 2016 - Amy & Lee
30th July 2016 - Chelsea & Matthew
6th August 2016 - Brooke & Ross
28th August 2016 - Aimi & Michael
24th September 2016 - Kelly & Darren
8th October 2016 - Laura & Darren

If you are looking for YOUR wedding photographer and searching through all the google results we know how difficult it must be to decide ( some of our couples have told us this ) then we urge you to NOT leave it too late as whoever you choose will get booked up quite a bit in advance.

The style of wedding photography we choose is a more relaxed, fun, creative & upbeat vibe, we absolutely love weddings and all the fun & laughter that comes with them ( we do create a bit though from our crazy #freestyle shots )

We always ask couples that we meet where they got our info from, quite a lot comes from word of mouth as with everything this is a great source of referral, they do tell us though that they love that we are different. Hollllla

When it come to our albums, we create them all as one of unique designs using photoshop layers ( we love photoshop, currently using CC ), our album company of choice is the marvellous LOXLEY COLOUR based in the UK, they have such attention to detail and we can put our trust in them 100% to produce us some stunning high end gorgeous storybook wedding albums.

If YOU are searching google looking for your wedding photographer then whoever you decide on, I urge you to NOT leave it till the last minute. If you like the style of wedding photos, you meet with the photographer and think you could spend a full day with them ( we always shoot a full day wedding as standard ) then I recommend you secure them!

To secure us we just take a small deposit, this way nobody else can book your wedding date and you are assured we will be there for you from the start of your wedding up until late into the eve when we have been known to be rocking on the dance floor with camera in hand 
( we love a good dance off )

Through March 2015 we also have a special offer available for all wedding packages, click on the image below to view our special offers page and get in touch for a chat.

We would love to here from you and we are always on email

Click HERE to contact us for a chat about YOUR big wedding day plans

Have a totally fab weekend guys

Big love

Kev x


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