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Tuesday 6 January 2015

Wentbridge House Wedding Showcase January 2015

This coming weekend is all about the 
Wentbridge House Double Wedding Showcase!

We will be exhibiting on Saturday & Sunday between 11am - 4pm, you can read more about the Wentbridge House Wedding Showcase on Wentbridge House's Web Site - Click HERE to view.

We have now shot quite a few weddings at the fabulous Wentbridge House which is situated in the small village of Wentbridge West Yorkshire plus we have got to know quite a few of the staff and it's always nice to call over for a visit and a catch up & a BREW!!!!

Our very first Wedding at Wentbridge House was with Claire & Chris back in 2010 ( wow so long ago ) it was at Claire & Chris's wedding when we noticed how attentive all the Wentbridge Staff were and they could not do enough to help you.

After visiting Wentbridge House now for over 4 years, shooting various weddings plus lots of other stuff like capturing all the changes that constantly take place at Wentbridge House like the newly furnished Brasserie that we were lucky enough to actually be the first ones in after the doors opened, camera in hand!!!

See some images below

We also now have our very own web page all about various weddings we have had the privilege to shoot at Wentbridge House - You can view it by clicking HERE

Here are a few of our favourite images from the last few years at various weddings etc ( so many to choose )

We really do LOVE wedding photography and if it's at Wentbridge House then hey that's a bonus!!!

In 2014 we have had weddings at various new places in and around all the Yorkshire regions and as much as we love shooting weddings at locations known to us we also love to visit new locations 
( we always recommend hooking up for one of our Pre Wedding sessions )

Want to know what happens at our Pre Wedding sessions? Click HERE to view a slideshow we recently put together 

We have also recently started shooting ' Full Broadcast Quality ' high def videography and this is available for a great price when one of our wedding packages is booked

Click HERE to view some recent demos

Our ' STYLE ' of Wedding Photography in Yorkshire UK is…..


We capture the full day from early morning till late into the eve with NO ADDITIONAL costs for extra time! ( some times we just don't want to leave we get a room for the night )

We are on hand all day to totally ROCK your fab wedding in our own unique style, we absolutely LOVE wedding photography and really hope you love what we do?

If you do then please feel free to see if we are available for YOUR wedding by clicking HERE to contact us

We are a friendly team and really love fun & laughter

Hopefully we will see you this weekend at Wentbridge House?



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