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Sunday 20 October 2013

Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

Well what can I say about yesterdays fab day with Dannielle & Carl? 

I got a phone call a few weeks ago from a very distressed Dannielle asking if we were free to shoot her Wedding, when I asked her the date she informed me it was in 2 weeks time!!!!!!

Wow I thought that's defo leaving it till the last minute to book a photographer? When I asked her some questions she informed me that she had booked a photographer previously but in the meantime found out he was basically ripping people off by taking the money and either not turning up or even taking over 12months plus for anybody to see some images??? 

We totally LOVE shooting awesome FUN Weddings and as we were free ( well kinda the missus had put in our diary we were going to blackpool for some family time ) 

Me & Mrs Imagination went down to have a chat with Dannielle & Carl as they were only down the road to us in Mirfield West Yorkshire

As soon as we heard what they were telling us about the so called photographer they had booked we knew we had to help them out

We showed them all our albums,slideshow etc and I had to laugh when Carl said in a rather surprised voice " Are all these images yours "? Hahaha I think they liked?

Well 2 weeks later and yesterday saw the day when this lovely family were to become one

The weather was pretty good, very mild and some lovely skys :-)

Thanks for letting us rock your fab wedding guys and here and a few images from yesterday




  1. enjoyed every min of it but we now have good memories of it due to are great photographer man of his words once you have been let down it worries you but kev and his wife promised me and dannielle they will be there and we will have lots of great pics so what can i say...prove is above ^^^^^^^ great guy great at what he does book for your wedding ect and you will NOT be disappointed!

    Thank you again guys


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