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Sunday 15 November 2020

Natural Family Lifestyle Photography in Wakefield

Sorry for the lack of BLOG posts guys but due to COVID I am not shooting any weddings but hopefully will be back to fun weddings soon as they are allowed, keeping me super busy though is our Property Photography we added over a few years ago now (love it), check out the new web site and BLOG

One thing I did before the 2nd lockdown was hook up with a gorgeous family I met a few years back now and after Nicola & Jon had little Jack about 2 years ago they have asked me to shoot some natural and fun pictures of them and him as he grows, I always love hanging out with fun couples and pictures are memories for ever so it really is great to capture Jack as he grows up

Anyone who knows me will know I love the Autumn vibe too all all the colours so after Nicola & Jon suggested this location and I saw it I was thoroughly pleased (though I did put a 2nd pair of shoes in the car as they got caked in mud)

We met the odd cute dog on route too and said hi to all the walkers, some stopping for a picnic to which Jack was a bit jealous he didn't have anything to eat 😂

Below are just a quick handful from over 600 plus shot using one camera and one 70-200 lens (keeping things super simple)





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