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Friday 21 December 2018

Adam Ant I Roundhouse 19th December 2018

On Wednesday morning we set off down to London as we had 2 tickets for the absolute legend that is Adam Ant (if you didn't already know I have been a HUGE fan for about 40 years, yeah since I was about 10 and created a facebook group over 2 years ago now, link below)

Adam and the Ants Facebook Group click HERE

We arrived at Kings Cross mid day and our hotel was walking distance just up Euston Road so after a quick drop off of minimal luggage we had a drink across the road in a local pub before going back to get ready to catch a taxi into Camden to Roundhouse.

We arrived at Roundhouse about 5pm ish and instantly saw loads of fans inside the bar area so it was so nice to see some of the fans in person (who are also in our fb group, I felt quite like a celebrity as quite a few kept coming up and asking if I was Kev)

Across the road from Roundhouse was a small Sainsburys so as I really wanted to get a good spot at the front as we had standing inside Roundhouse we went over and just got some nibbles to stand in the queue for about 90 mins (glad it wasn't raining) and got chatting to some fans in the queue (should have brought a bluetooth speaker to pump some ant music while waiting :-/)

We got let into Roundhouse about 6.30ish and then after a quick search waited until the doors were open upstairs so make our way in. The support act Babyteeth were fab too with lots of energy and banter with the crowd

Adam and the band came on around 9pm ish and wow what a welcome! I literally have no words to say how much I enjoyed the show and really hope they come back real soon

Below we have a some pics from a Panasonic TZ100 camera (which your allowed in as its a fixed lens) also below the camera pics are some random phone pics

Any ANT fans please enjoy we love ADAM ANT and all the band!

You can also read a review from Eileen Shapiro HERE

Until next time ANT FANS! 🐜

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Dog eat Dog (fav track)

A few pics walking back to Kings Cross

Random Phone Pics

Awesome Ant Fans


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