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Thursday 1 March 2018

Snow Day 1st March 2018

Woke up to another Snow Day in Mirfield today so thought I would take a walk around to get a few shots for the blog (wanting to blog some more personnel stuff as well as wedding & lifestyle etc)

Set off rather early wrapped up and with small Panasonic TZ100 in hand (or case) to hopefully get some snow shots to document us going into March (youngest son Dom's birthday today too, Happy Birthday to him)

Met a few folk on the travels and Mirfield on the whole looked so lovely covered in the white stuff, literally hardly any cars on the road too, saw a few busses too. Getting covered in snow as I plodded on in my wellies and about 3 layers 😏 actually saw 2 folk riding their bikes too (don't fancy 2 wheels in the snow)

Below I have a few images from earlier, all shot in raw from a small, compact Panasonic TZ 100

Few images from yesterday at Wentbridge House below too


K x

Wentbridge House yesterday looking beautiful in the Snow

Also yesterday we were at Wentbridge House Pontefract so below is a few snowy pics from there, these were all shot with the Nikon D750


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