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Friday 5 August 2016

Holdsworth House Wedding Photography - Huddersfield Wedding Photographer

Yesterday we had the mid week wedding celebrations of a fun loving couple by the names of Jenny & Chris at the magical Holdsworth House in Halifax West Yorkshire where we have shot a few weddings recently so always nice to re visit awesome wedding venues plus the staff kinda know you so it makes them feel more at ease that you know what you are doing etc ( Holdsworth House have used some of our images for their web site and social media pages so we feel honoured they like what we do )

I started off at Jenny's parents house to be met by lots bridesmaids and a few rather shy teenagers ( I knew after a while they would be fine as we always experience this at the start of the day )

The weather was super fab with lots of blue sky and white clouds and I knew the day was defo going to be fun after a few hours with these guys getting ready, fun weddings are always the best :-)

After some getting ready shots plus a little trip with the ladies to the field at the back of Jenny's parents house for some fun shots with the girls we set off to the church. I was met by the most friendly, chilled vicar ever ( why can't all vicars be like this guy ), having a friendly & helpful vicar defo makes the job so much more easier and we can get the shots without any hassle and grumpy faces!

After the service I got everybody outside for lots of hugs & kisses ( not with me I might add ) plus got everybody in position for #confetti ( one of the fav shots of the day )

Some more formal and fun shots at church then we all set off to Holdsworth House to carry on the wedding celebrations

First job ( when everybody made it back ) group shot plus lets have some fun with everybody ( love this time ), some more formal, family and fun shots in the time we had before everybody made their way into the Stuart room where it totally looked awesome ( fab job guys )

Must just say a huge shout to the bridesmaid who helped with holding our speed light to produce some stunning wedding images, we absolutely totally love the off camera creative lighting look and this is one thing we are learning to always add more ideas to our ever increasing portfolio

Lots of fun yesterday and massive shout to Jenny & Chris for booking us for their fab Holdsworth House wedding

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