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Wednesday 1 June 2016

West Yorkshire Wedding Photography - Healds Hall Wedding Photographer

On bank holiday Sunday last week we were booked to totally rock Johanne & Sean's fun wedding at a venue pretty close to us Healds Hall in Liversedge. 

We initially met Johanne & Sean at their home in Batley after they had found us on our facebook page and they really loved our fun style of wedding photography, wanting something a bit different than the standard wedding photography that you would maybe think of ( insert smiley face here )

Johanne & Sean had also ( after seeing some recent highlights footage ) decided they would like our full day wedding videography that we introduced a few years ago and it defo is getting rather popular now ( insert another smiley face here )

As West Yorkshire Wedding Photographers we always shoot the full wedding day ( why would you not want to ) capturing ALL the fun & laughter plus injecting some of our own.

We absolutely love fun weddings and lots of banter, interacting with all the wedding guests making them feel so relaxed we get some awesome shots for the bride & groom to treasure forever ( we don't turn the wedding into a 3 hour photoshoot )

Defo lots of fun and we got some great feed back from quite a few of the guests ( thanks guys )

After a few days away we have now got a handful of images from Sunday's wedding ready for all you gorgeous blog lovers

Here you go guys, below we have a few images from Johanne & Sean's wedding day, judge for yourself if you think everybody looks like they had a fab time! :-)


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Good Morning!

R Johanne, R Linzi, R Emily, R Kev, R Jordan etc etc you get the picture!!!

Please sir can i use the toilet :-/

OMG now that is quick reactions from me!

Checking out the make up

Now which one shall I wear?

Eh up R Kev

The men looking super smart

Oh dear what is happening here?

Emotional moment when Johanne sees Dad for the first time

Sean waiting patiently

No Kev I promise im not nervous

How cute is that moment!

Mr & Mrs ' we got the ' POWER

#freestyle #funweddingphotography 

Jordan getting chatted up by a guest :-)

Beautiful flowers

Crazy ladies

Inside the room at Healds Hall West Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

Our awesome Signing Boards


Move over I'm signing to England next

Oh my days these shoes!!!! Men have it too easy :-/

No pants got ripped in the making of this shot

Our popular video booth

Aerial shot chilling out at Healds Hall on a Sunday eve #dronecam


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